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Sharon Chan Finds Her True Love During A Business Trip to NY

Posted by scnetwork on March 22, 2008

14 March 2008
Serena @

Lately, Sharon Chen is working in New York. She would go out onto the streets to do some sightseeing. She is most fascinated by the different styles of advertisements on the street. One of her favorite advertisement was a painting. It was unique because it makes you think you are in an art gallery. The advertisement was a visual feast for Sharon but she also had a food feast! There were different snacks and food eatery below the advertisement. Sharon coincidently found her favorite “butterfly buns” (蝴蝶包). She said: “Usually, these buns are only available in Canada. Since I found these in the US, I need to buy my fill to try it out. When I eat it, it tastes as good as the one in Canada.”


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TVB stars joins excited fans in singing contest

Posted by scnetwork on March 22, 2008

13 March 2008

Yesterday is the second day of TVB stars promo tour in Changsha. After filming promotional clips for HunanTV, the 3 stars Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma rushed to the mass fans gathering scheduled at noon. On the other hand Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan and Selena Li arrived at Changsha airport at 1:45pm and rushed over as well without taking a break.

This mass fans gathering have attracted many passionate fans. Excited fans started to wait at the venue as early as 9am. When the 6 stars made their appearance, all the fans started shouting excitedly, displaying their passionate feelings. After signing their names on the promotional board, the 6 stars went up onstage and started to interact with fans.

The TVB stars are here in Changsha to promote recently and upcoming TVB series aired on HunanTV such as [Glittering Days], [Land of Wealth], [Dance of Passion] and [To Grow With Love]. At the same time the 2nd season of [Strictly Come Dancing] will be held in April. Before the stars appeared, the organizers broadcast some of their series and event clips, making the fans feel excited. When the stars finally appeared, the fans loudly cheers to welcome their idols.

The 6 stars said hello to fans in Hunan dialect and the fans gathering officially begins. The first segment “Let’s sing together” is to promote [Glittering Days]. [GD] is filled with songs and dances from 1960’s and took the first spot in Mainland nationwide ratings. Fans are surprised that Charmaine, who portrayed ‘wild fowl transformed into phoenix’ farmer girl sang all the songs by herself in the series. In this segment, the host picked a few lucky fans play singing games with idols. The rule is that each song must have the word ‘spring’ and ‘star’ in them. After a fierce battle, Charmaine is indeed the super singer in the series with their team A (along with Bowie & Joe) winning against team B in the game.

The next segment is “Let’s exercise together”. Each stars have their own favorite sports for example jogging, swimming, high jump etc. For Myolie who gained nearly 40 pounds for her role as Ho Mei Tin in [TGWL], shared her secret on how to regain her slim figure quickly after filming. Afterwards the stars mimicked some dance moves under dance teacher’s guidance and showed off beautiful poses. Joe pretended to be jealous and started to make jokes, mimicking a stiff mannequin and making the crowd laugh. [TGWL] will be aired after [GD] finished its run on HunanTV and fans will be able to appreciate Myolie’s fine acting in the series.

As for the last segment “Let’s perform together”, the host invited some fans onstage to perform with Bowie. Even though Bowie doesn’t have much on-screen scene with Charmaine in [DOP], the arduous filming process left a deep impression in both of them. Bowie’s role Yim Man Hei is a very aggressive clan leader but his romance and fate is extremely volatile and filled with obstacles. Bowie personally loves this role, even more than his Sun Bak Yeung role in [War & Beauty]. The lucky fans also have the opportunity to mimic Yim Man Hei’s arrogant look alongside Bowie. He also kept making ‘cool’ expression to tease fans, showing his friendly side.

After the fans gathering ended, the group will divide into two team and rushed to two different station to attend TV shows. They will be sharing their experience and feelings on the show, therefore fans should not be missing these shows. Charmaine and Joe will be returning to Hong Kong the next day while Bowie, Sharon and Selina will be attending the live telecast of “Happy 2008” on 14th of March.


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Sharon Chan Supports World Glaucoma Day

Posted by scnetwork on March 22, 2008

6 March 2008
Tammy Ly

Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Sharon Luk (陸詩韻) and Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) attended the press conference for World Glaucoma Day <世界青光眼日> this afternoon at Olympian City.

Sharon Chan revealed that she has −10.00 near-sightedness and considered laser eye surgery three or four years ago but, after her optometrist warned her of the possible side effects, she rejected the idea in hope that, with time, advancements in technology would remove the risks. She said that she had spoken to many artists who had undergone laser eye surgery, and, though the vast majority had been quite successful, Patrick Dunn (鄧梓峰) suffered from a few side effects.

Sharon Chan revealed that, when she needs to film for a period of over 12 hours or film crying scenes, she removes her contact lenses. However, she said that she only does this occasionally, because she finds it hard to interact with her co-stars when she can’t see properly. She admitted that she only has herself to blame for her poor vision, because, as a child, she thought it would be stylish to wear glasses so would glue herself close to the television screen.

Sharon Luk is also near-sighted, at −4.00 and −6.00 in her left and right eye respectively. She revealed that she, too, considered laser eye surgery. She said that during her time as a flight attendant, she would succumb to vanity, and wear her contacts for the entire duration of her lengthy flights. But now, she said, she knows better than to risk her vision and is sure to get an eye check-up annually. She added that her grandmother suffers from cataracts, so she has made it a habit to frequently buy eye-care food products for both her grandmother and herself.

Speaking of Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫爵士) being admitted into hospital this week, Sharon Luk said that Sir Run Run was simply going for an annual check-up, and there was no particular concern for his health.

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