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William So: My Glasses Are Like My Skin

Posted by scnetwork on December 31, 2007

13 December 2007
Emma Lam

William So (蘇永康), Miki Yeung (楊愛瑾), Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Mandy Cho (曹敏莉) and Alvina Kong (江欣燕) were among the guests at the opening of a designer eyewear store in Kowloon Station’s Elements Mall.

Well known for his bespectacled look, William smiled that his glasses are as important to him as his skin and he remembered on one occasion when he went running without his glasses on, no-one recognised him at all. He realised how important they were to his image after he put them back on and everyone instantly recognised him again.

William revealed that he has over 300 pairs of glasses at home and recently spent a five-figure sum on a pair that he fell in love with. He is also planning to buy a pair of glasses that were once worn by late singing sensation Danny Chan (陳百強).

Miki revealed that she will be spending Christmas working on her new movie in a character that is quite difficult to portray. With the news that her former Cookies colleagues Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), Kary Ng (吳雨霏) and Theresa Fu (傅穎) are all holding their own concerts, Miki was asked if she was envious of them. She said that they have released more albums than her, but she is not in a hurry and will be concentrating more on her film career.

Tracy will be appearing in numerous promotional events during the busy Christmas period and she said that she will take advantage of this to make some more money. She said that when the stock market falls, then she will be investing in some shares. As well as her fee, Tracy was also presented with a pair of sunglasses from the sponsor and she said that they were ideal because the lenses were large enough to cover bags under her eyes when she goes out without wearing make-up. Tracy admitted that although an artiste’s salary is quite high, she has a lot of outgoings because she has to care for her retired father and pay for rent as well as her mother’s medical fees, maid and housekeeping.

Credit: BATGWA


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