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Sharon Chan Wears 40lb of Chocolate

Posted by scnetwork on December 31, 2007

26 December 2007

Last night, Sharon Chan and Maggie (動漫) attended 黃埔新天地’s Chocolate Christmas Fashion Show to show off outfits made out of chocolate. Sharon’s spaghetti strap dress is made of 40 pounds of chocolate, so as a result, walking has been difficult. And Maggie has on a chocolate bikini top with a matching short skirt that showed off her body. Not only did it steal the light from Sharon, it attracted many men to the event to take pictures.

Barbecue on Christmas Eve

Personally, Sharon loves to eat chocolate. She can finish a whole box of Hawaiian Nuts Chocolate. With regards to Maggie stealing her light, Sharon smiling says: “Don’t stress, we frequently bump into each other when attending events.” The reporter asks: “Would you dare wear Maggie’s outfit?” Sharon says: “I can’t because I don’t have the body. Maggie’s body is very suitable for this outfit.” Sharon spent Christmas Eve with her old classmates barbecuing and exchanging gifts. Earlier on, she had purchased three massage machines at one time to give to her family (including one for her mom). Last night, Sharon was looking forward to receiving Christmas gifts because she has been receiving gifts from her friends every year.

Maggie Put on Weight

Maggie reached the event location half an hour early to put on her outfit. However, because the outfit was too sexy, to prevent exposure, they brought out pins, needles and thread, and a stapler. As a result, the event was delayed for 2 hours. Asked if she felt awkward with her outfit, she says, “It’s not awkward, I just hope that the chocolate wouldn’t melt so fast.” Asked if she purposefully dieted to keep fit, she says: “No, instead I have gained a little weight because I just went to Taiwan for 3 days and 2 nights and I was constantly eating hotpot so I’ve gained almost 10 pounds.”

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