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Sharon Chan Afraid Of Buying Fake Pearls

Posted by scnetwork on December 31, 2007

5 December 2007

Emma Lam

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Eunis Chan (陳嘉容) were among the guest models invited to present the creations at the awards ceremony for the Tahitian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition (大溪地珠寶首飾設計比賽) yesterday.

Dressed in a beautiful silver gown, Sharon modelled a stunning black pearl necklace set and she said that she liked the pearls a lot, but has never bought any for herself because she does not know how to tell the difference between natural and simulated pearls. However, she has bought a 2 carat diamond as a reward for herself in the past, costing HK$100,000.

Eunis revealed that when she was 18 year old, she received a pair of pearl earrings from her mother as a birthday gift and they are of great sentimental value so she does not wear them very often. With Christmas approaching, she said that she has not had any invitations to parties yet, but if she has nothing arranged, then she will spend the time with her family and her girlfriends. She added that for the festive occasion, then she has to dress up and join in some parties.

Credit: BATGWA


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